Hi! My name is Olivia Butze and welcome to Straight to the Butze.

Born and raised in the San Francisco area, cooking and fresh, innovative cuisine have always been at the forefront of my upbringing. During my sophomore year of college, I became aware of the rocky relationship my body and mind possessed with food. After approaching a nutritionist, she suggested I was struggling with Orthorexia Nervosa (an obsession with eating "healthy" through elimination and under-eating, as well as over-exercising). Since this initial meeting, my passion for food and fitness has grown into a passion for a balanced lifestyle, whatever that may mean for each individual. 

Straight to the Butze is my attempt at balance. Here, you'll find all sorts of recipes, food and restaurant commentary, and journal entries of various health-related experiences. My mission is to remain authentic to better empower you to find your definition of balance. Goodness knows I am still searching for mine! For more on my journey to balance, check out the following posts:

I hope you will see that a balanced life is so much better than a restrictive one. After all, sometimes we crave what goes #straighttothebutze!