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2 Ingredient PB Cups

2 Ingredient PB Cups

Fun fact: I don’t like candy and I never have. And no, it is not because I think it is “unhealthy” or anything like that. I believe everything can be a part of a balanced lifestyle and candy is definitely included in that list! When I was a little girl, my mom told me as a little girl that I was allergic to candy. So, I never had any interest to eat it… that is, except for Reese’s, if you consider them to be candy.

The goddess who first combined peanut butter and chocolate is probably one of the people I worship the most. Since I have always wanted to try making my own, Halloween seemed like the perfect time.  

Peanut butter cups (or any nut butter cups for that matter) are so dang simple to make. Even if they don’t turn out perfectly, there is literally no way you can go wrong with combining nuts and chocolate. And with only two ingredients, they take five seconds to prep. Plus, they can be upgraded in any way you want: topped with nuts, granola, matcha or pumpkin spice (like I did for a fun Halloween twist!), seeds, or dried fruit. Anything!  

I will forevermore keep a batch of these babies in my freezer, ready for snacking on in a moment’s notice. They are the perfect post dinner, midday, or night treat in my book.  

What is your favorite candy? Was it your favorite growing up too?


Makes 6 cups


  • 6 tbs of creamy, all natural peanut butter (I look for kinds that ONLY include peanuts), separated

  • 6 tbs of dark chocolate, separated

  • Optional: any toppings of your choice! (see above for suggestions)



Line a muffin tin with cupcake liners. Place the dark chocolate in a microwave safe dish and melt at thirty second increments, taking out to stir before placing back in until completely melted.

Fill the bottom of each muffin liner with a thin layer of chocolate. Next, with a tablespoon of peanut butter. Make sure the nut butter is spread evenly and flat, and then top each with the remaining portion of the tablespoon of the melted chocolate. Now, this is where you can get creative and top with whatever else you desire!

Place the pan into the freezer for an hour and then enjoy!

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