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A Special Message for Halloween

A Special Message for Halloween

Last Halloween, I was incredibly frustrated, angered, and saddened when scrolling through my Instagram feed. After seeing friends in costumes, yummy Halloween-themed treats, and the daily content of inspiration and gratitude, a post by a very well known and prominent website stopped my finger in its track.  

The account showed multiple images of various popular candies and directly underneath, the amount of squats, jumping jacks, and burpees one had to do to “burn off” a bar.

I couldn’t believe that this self-proclaimed women’s health and wellness website, devoted to empowerment, would ever post such a thing. With a platform as large as theirs, hundreds of thousands of women were being told they should feel ashamed of eating candy. That they aren’t allowed to eat, unless they “earn” it.

Well, I am here to tell you that you do not have to feel guilty for eating a piece of candy, three pieces, five pieces, or even ten. You should never feel guilty for eating anything- and I know how hard this can be and to be honest, I feel somewhat like a hypocrite saying this in the first place because I feel guilty more than I would like to admit. But deep down, sometimes deep deep down, I know it is true. I know I don’t have to spend hours upon hours at the gym so I can earn the right to eat whatever I am craving at the time. Our bodies need food. All food is energy, just that some are better forms of energy than others.

 So this Halloween, please don’t beat yourself up for eating a twix bar. Please don’t tell yourself you are less than because you enjoy skittles. Don’t do hundreds of jumping jacks, convinced you have to “burn off” whatever treats you enjoy. 

But also don’t force yourself to eat candy if you don’t enjoy it. Don’t feel like just because everyone around you is digging in, that you have to as well. Listen to your body and do what is best for you.

And what does that mean for me? Well, I definitely will be enjoying some treats this Halloween! But like I mentioned in my recent Halloween recipe post, I never have liked candy… but that doesn’t mean I don’t like sweets ;) I have a sweet tooth, but one that craves the real kind of sugar, not the fake kind. Anything that includes dark chocolate? 99% chance I am all over it.

Here are some of my favorite alternative Halloween treats:

So promise me- no, yourself- that this Halloween you will treat yourself with kindness. That you will listen to your body, forgive it if you make a mistake, and not beat yourself up for any decisions that you make. Focus on the memories and the love and all of those adorable kiddies dressed up in costumes!

This time of year can be overwhelming with all of the food and all of the holidays. There is so much pressure to eat and act a certain way. But when it comes down to it, you have to do what is best for you. You know what that is, more than any women’s health magazine does. And if you come across something like I did last year, don’t for a hot second think it is true and that you are any less worthy of love and greatness.  

Take care of yourselves, pumpkins!

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